45minutes Effective Home Workout for Beginners Weight loss & Fat Burn

These are the three reasons why you are not taking care of your body.

Yes, You don’t have much time to go to the “gym” and “workout”.

Yes, Financially not good still you are in the intention to tone your body.

Yes, You have continued reading this it means you are worried about your “physique”.

These workouts you can perform it anywhere, To find visible results go ahead and read below about my daily.

HIIT- High-Intensity Interval Training

Power Jacks: 20-25 repetitions x 4 Sets

It is as similar to jumping jack, where a person has to jump as high as possible and expect them to squat when it comes to lower.

10-15 Repetitions and 4 sets to see visible results in a month.

Half-Jacks:  20-25 repetitions x 4 Sets

Jump exercise, which has been created to avoid Rotator cuff injuries, which have been linked to the repetitive movements of the exercise. This exercise should be performed similar to jumping jacks where both the arms should stretch at sides to the shoulder level and it goes back hit the sides and help the tighten jump.
Jump: 50-100 repetitions x 4 Sets

Stand straight with closed legs and arms, jump as high as possible continue the same momentum.
10-15 Repetitions and 4 sets for a newbie.
20-25 Repetitions and 4 sets for intermediator onwards.

Dumbbell side bend: 15-20 Repetitions x 4 Sets

As per my observation most of them hold dumbbells in both the hands and bends side wise left and right, Concentration cannot be equally shared to both sides.

My personal experience hold dumbbell in one hand, You have to hold only one dumbbell at a time for this workout bend one side at a time to see more effective results.


Stand straight your feet should be placed at shoulder width.

Holding a dumbbell on the right hand and hold your waist with the left hand.

Bend towards left as much as possible, Hold the position for a second and rest back to the same position before. Continue this for 15-20 Repetitions.

Now hold the dumbbell on the left hand, bend towards the right as much as possible, Hold the position for a second and rest back, Continue 15-20 Repetitions.

Repeat this 15-20 Repetitions 4 Sets with alternate positions.

Note: Keep your back straight and your head up. Avoid lifting “Heavyweight”, Instead, choose for “Light Weight”.
Before you perform any workout, I would suggest you do free exercise for 15-20 mins to warm up your body and make yourself free and get prepared mentally for physical exercise. So that you avoid the muscle cramp or unnecessary injuries.

Push Ups:

Home workout for men pushups

10-12 Repetitions 2 sets and 12-15 repetitions 2 sets in total of 4 sets for a “Newbie”.

Pushups for Intermediate, Who Wants to be an expert.

40-50 Pushups 1st set 30 seconds break( Close push-ups with decline).

25-30 Pushups 2nd Set 30 seconds break Wide Pushups with a decline for broader chest and to get proper shape for your abs.

Minimum of 20 pushups with a 15-20kg weight plate on your back shoulder and try for max (Decline pushups) 30 seconds break.

Minimum of 20 and try for max (Decline pushups).

Alternate Toe Touch:

Lay down on a yoga mat on your back with your hands straight over your head.

Lift your right leg and left hand at the same time and ensure you touch your toe, hold for a second, Once you touch, Come back to the position which you were before.

Now Lift your left leg and right hand at the same time and touch your toe, hold for a second, Release and come back to the position.

10 Repetitions each side and 4 sets for “Newbie”.

15-20 Repetitions each side and 4 sets for Intermediates and experts.


belly Fatburn workout for women - jogging

If you are completely new to exercise then I would suggest you start walking, Walk at least for 15-20 minutes in a day, 5 to 6 times a week, This also helps you to increase your stamina gradually, Once you get used to it, Increase the speed of walking to burn more calories this helps you to burn body fat. Continue this for 2 Weeks.

Week 3 Onwards start with Jogging, All you have to do it increase the speed by 2x of walking.


fatburn workout for men -running

This is the basic and most effective exercise ever. All you have to do is perform running actions at the same place, Avoid moving forward or backward and try to lift your thighs as high as possible, this also helps you to lose more calories, burn lower belly fat in short time, helps you out stay fit and gain more stamina day by day.

Initial stage running for 7-10 minutes in a day, Once you get used to it run for 20-30 minutes a day to keep you fit.

Once you get used to it, Start with running on road, Park or Terrace.

Climbing Stairs:

This is one the best exercise to lose one’s belly fat, helps you to keep your stomach flat, Yes you will not be losing calories in huge amount.

Ensure end of all exercise climb 75-100 steps, One way this also helps you to Strengthen and tighten your thighs.

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